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It's never too late for radiant comfort.


If your slab is already poured without the benefits of PEX tubing, you may feel understandably despondent. But don’t despair; there is still hope for a comfortable and efficient heating system. We design and install gas-fired (both natural gas and propane) infrared radiant tube heating systems.


You will find tube heaters in many car wash applications, as they are
responsive, durable and more efficient than forced air unit heaters.
Infrared radiant tube heaters also may use outdoor combustion air and
are direct vent. If the finished ceiling in your garage, pole shed or
steel building are over 8 feet from the finished floor and the slab is
already in place, infrared heating is one of the most comfortable,
responsive and cost efficient heating systems available.


Naturally, careful design considerations must be followed and
two-stage burners are a must, especially in residential or small
commercial applications.


For residential additions and remodels where the floor space is
inadequate, such as a kitchen or the sub-floors covered, basement
ceiling finished, we may design a radiant ceiling system for you.
Radiant ceilings warm the whole room to a comfortable level and are
often the least obtrusive of all the heating options available.


We radiate everything...