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Radiant Floor Heating


Radiant heating is the most comfortable heating system anywhere; period. The reasons for this fact are based in science and proven in the field. One of the most challenging aspects of true comfort is not the ways, but the means. Our customers often complain of hearing negative comments about radiant floor heating. They feel the contractors they have contacted do not have the answers and their bids seem ridiculously high.


If you have been looking for a competent contractor to design, install or service your radiant floor heating system, look no farther.


Unfortunately the market for hydronic (hot water) heating is relatively small. As forced air has been the norm in much of the country since the advent of refrigerated air, the once popular hot water heat has fallen into disfavor. This is not the result of dissatisfied customers; in fact just the opposite is true!


The reason hot water is not the norm is simply the extra cost of ductwork required for air conditioning - we have to move air to dehumidify and this adds wind chill to the cooling system. Of course, just the opposite is true of a good heating system. Air movement is detrimental to creature comfort when it is cold outside. Hot water heat and more specifically, a properly designed and installed RADIANT FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM, is silent and comfortable, without noticeable air movement.


So, it will always be cheaper to heat and cool with the same appliance, and in so doing, compromise the efficacy of both.


We offer radiant floor heating design services and consultation for new and old systems worldwide with installation in the upper Midwest. Our specialty is INTEGRATED SYSTEMS that perform many tasks with common high efficiency equipment. Some of the systems are quite complex and expensive, but the vast majorities are simple and efficient in application and operation.


From high efficiency condensing boilers to garden variety domestic water heaters, wood boilers and solar panels, we strive to deliver efficient, intelligent alternatives to a staid and frankly boring industry.


So if you are looking for a simple electric boiler for your basement radiant floor or a fully integrated 96% efficient “Green” condensing boiler for your new home, you have a great start here with the Badger Boiler Service.


Hydronic Design Service


Every properly designed radiant heating system starts with a proper heat load analysis performed by an experienced designer on purpose-built software. There are no exceptions to this rule or “rules of thumb” that can substitute for the real thing.


Mr. Audetat is one of a few Radiant Panel Association certified designers in the U.S and the only one in Minnesota. As an original Charter Board Member, he sat on the technical committee that wrote the first US standard “RPA guidelines”. We use Wrightsoft radiant specific CAD software to perform a heat load analysis and specify the appropriate heating, cooling and ventilation for your project. Radiant floors, walls, ceilings and European style, wall-hung, panel radiators are our everyday comfort making tools.