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If you have followed our suggestions for finding an experienced hydronics contractor in your area to no avail, we can offer you two more choices.


First, we can find a contractor for you.  After 25 years at contracting, distribution and manufacturing we know how to interview a contractor.


The other option is for you to send us a simple line drawing, CAD or PDF; include the outside dimensions of the structure to be heated, windows (size and quality), insulation and age of construction. And don't forget the location of your building. From this information we can perform a Manual 'J' heat load analysis for any structure in the world and a properly size the heat source for your project.


Please provide the fuel available in your area and the cost thereof, so I can  help you decide on which is best for your application.


If you know which boiler manufacturer you prefer, we will try to find the right size boiler and a qualified contractor to install and service it after the fact.  When specifying a boiler we make sure the boiler is appropriate for your application and that the manufacture has a reliable supply and technical support system in your particular area, since the best boiler is only as good as the installer and his local support team.


To reiterate; we will include in this second option, a proper heat load for your area, our recommendation for a boiler, controls, near piping and likely send a picture of the vary application you want to do. The minimum consultation fee is $500.00, to be confirmed on receipt of your detailed plans and requirements. A complete radiant floor heating design will cost more.


With the second package, any competent mechanic should be able to install the boiler specified, following the drawings, pictures and manufacturer’s installation manual.


WARNING: If you are 100% DIY, we cannot help you with condensing boiler or water heater installations since you are likely to hurt yourself and others.


Thank you kindly for your interest. Please let us know if we can help.