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Boiler based solutions for a Greener World.


Green thinking is good for the environment and good for the pocket book. Every dollar spent to save energy insures a tax-free return. But I think we should be practical. Natural gas is currently in abundant supply and independent of hostile foreign purveyors (over 90% coming from North American suppliers). It is also the cleanest fuel available to the average owner, producing half the carbon output per unit of energy as coal produced electricity.


With this in mind, we have two basic choices; to use less (insulate) or to waste less (condensate). I am an advocate for gas-fired condensing technology. I in fact specify condensing (warm air) furnaces where conditions warrant.

Radiant floor heating is perfectly green. By using low water temperatures, radiant systems allow the use of many and multiple fuel sources including Geo-thermal, condensing boilers and solar with excellent cost-effective results.


Solar Energy is growing - all be it slowly - and I expect the cost of equipment to come down over time. I am willing to install solar as add-ons to any viable system. You of course need sun! Great in Phoenix not so good in Seattle!


Solid fuel - wood and corn - is also a sustainable alternative but gasification is a must for solid fuel boilers today, call for more info.


Wind Energy is great if you have wind and you don't mind investing in the long, long term.


Why boilers? Because they are versatile. You cannot heat domestic hot water, floors, walls, ceilings, towel warmers, sidewalks or driveways with your typical furnace now can you?