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Modern Boiler Technology


In 1987 I installed my first Modern Boiler, coupled with an indirect-fired water heater and radiant floor heating system. This was a very early "Integrated System". Before 1987 I was installing cast iron boilers and fin tube (baseboard) like everyone else. This was an eye opener for me.


Though I had studied and dabbled in Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal and Solid fuel heating systems, I found shortcomings in technology, material costs, severe limitations in application and unreasonable installation challenges. I concluded then, and am more convinced than ever, that the vast majority of homes - both new and old - are best served by a sealed combustion, wall hung, modulating, condensing boiler, coupled with an indirect-fired water heater and a fan coil for air conditioning. Don't forget, about 25% of your fuel bill each month goes to heating domestic hot water.


It just makes sense to use the latest and greatest (over 25 years old in Europe) technology to heat domestic hot water and your living space. 98% thermal efficiency is hard to beat. Most tankless water heaters by comparison are roughly 82% efficient. Since condensing boilers are most efficient while operating with low temperature water, radiant floor heating is their natural companion.


My first experience with modern boilers and radiant floors lead me on a 20 year quest for more efficient comfort systems. I still incorporate Wind, Solar, Geo and Solid fuel technologies into my integrated system designs, but the Mod/Con is the corner stone of my design philosophy.


If you have a question, I have the answer.


Morgan M. Audetat
Lead Hydronic Designer